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Tour de France [Jul. 5th, 2004|05:19 pm]
Norwegian Thor Hushovd is leading the Tour de France! He was second in today's race, and according to the guy who is talking on my radio right now, this is the first time a Norwegian is leading the Tour de France overall. That's so nice! Also because I have always liked Thor - he seems like a nice person in interviews and such, and he is from a town not too far from here, so it's cool that he does so well! Not that anyone expects him to keep this up for three weeks, though - when they get to the mountains, there won't be any more amazing results from him. But so far, this is just great! I hope he wins one of the races, too...and he can do that, since he was second today and third two days ago. That's nice, too, of course!

From: anniseed
2004-07-13 04:20 am (UTC)


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I love Croatian music!!! I'm 14 and in a tambura youth group.
THought you might wanna' chat or something I don't know.
It's cool that you like Croat music.
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From: ext_18961
2006-11-17 01:17 am (UTC)

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